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Miloš Perišić Born in City of Valjevo 1982. where he finished high school in 2001.

Mr Perišić graduated from the Faculty of Law at the University of Belgrade in 2005. From February 2006 until December 2007 assistant on the projects of Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Serbia and UNDP: ''Strengthening of the system of misdemeanour courts in the Republic of Serbia'' and ''Establishing of independent, reliable and functional judiciary and enhancing of the judiciary cooperation on the western Balkan''.

From February 2007 until December 2007 coordinator of the project of Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Serbia and UNDP ''Creation of effective and sustainable system of free legal assistance in the Republic of Serbia''.

After the completion of the internship in the Law Office, Mr Perišić passed bar exam in October 2008.

From March 2009 until November 2009 Head of Department for general management and property affairs at the City Administration, Valjevo City.

In November 2009 Mr Perišić joined Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Serbia and in July 2010 he graduated at the Diplomatic Academy ''Koča Popović''.

From July 2010 until September 2011 he was working in the Department for visa policy in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

From September 2011 until July 2013 he was serving as consul at the Embassy of the Republic of Serbia in Baghdad, Iraq.

From August 2013 he is Charge D’Affaires at the Embassy of the Republic of Serbia in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

Mr Perišić won a number of awards and scholarship granted by the Faculty of Law (‘’Saint Sava’’ Diploma and award of Fund ‘’Radomir Lukić’’), University of Belgrade (scholarship of the Foundation ‘’Luka Ćelović and Milivoje Jovanović’’) as well as the award of Government of Austria and European Movement in Serbia for excellent students.

Mr Perišić is fluent in English and French

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